Welcome to Jewish Family Service of New Haven

From our humble beginnings of distributing milk and coal to poor families and immigrants beginning in 1881, to today's broad array of services offering solutions to modern problems, JFS has a long and rich tradition of helping those in need with quality programs delivered by highly qualified professionals. All services are fully accredited.

Today JFS provides a wide range of quality social and human services throughout the Greater New Haven area. These include: Individual, Couple & Family Counseling; Children's Psychiatric and Counseling Services; Programs for Senior Adults; a Holocaust Survivor Program; Infant, Domestic and Intercountry Adoption Services; Specialized Foster Care; Children's Respite Services; Programs for Adults with Developmental Disabilities; Food Assistance Programs; Empowering People for Success Program; Pastoral Care and Pastoral Counseling; Social Work Outreach Services; and Volunteer Services.

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